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Various Residential Schemes

Various Residential Schemes


The Projects
A number of projects from single residential units to multi–units in designs which incorporate new-build, refurbished, or an element of both, with budgets ranging from £1m to £25m.


The Challenge
To ensure that the Client’s brief is fully developed by the design team and that the budget reflects the developed design.


To work closely with the land/building owner to strategically maximise the value of the asset or, in the case of the owner occupier, to ensure value for money is achieved.


In each case provide advice and ensure the Client is aware of the procurement choices available and that the tender documents and tender itself minimise risks.


Actively monitor the project throughout the construction stage and ensure the Client receives regular reports identifying potential risks and showing risks which have been mitigated.


The Delivery
Ensure the successful completion of the project on time and that costs have been contained within budget.